Caring, quick and highly experienced. No appointment needed

Waiting Area Waterdown Walk In Clinic

Step into our Waterdown Walk In Clinic and you’ll notice that our waiting room is bright, airy and has plenty of room. But don’t get too comfortable, you won’t be here long. We get you in, out and on you way ASAP. And with only 5-10 minute waits posted regularly it’s clear we’re succeeding. How do we do it? Our Clinic doctors are all highly experienced and North American trained, each with decades of emergency room experience. It’s this level of expertise, confidence and outstanding care that ensures you won’t be waiting behind a white curtain for hours.

The next time you or a family member needs care, visit us. You never need an appointment and we’ll get you home, with the right diagnosis, in no time!

Meet our Clinic Doctors and Staff


Dr. John McAuley



“I’m proud that we treat people with respect by seeing them quickly and looking after a whole range of care issues. Our team is made up of very very good doctors who are here seven days a week with a pharmacy on-site for convenience.”

Dr. McAuley brings decades of proven ER experience to the Waterdown Walk In Clinic. He is proud to have been the Regional Chief for Niagara Health System Emergency Rooms and the Director of the St. Catherine’s Emergency Room over the past two decades. Dr. McAuley also brings passion and expertise to the Clinic within the area of Sports Medicine. As the Sports Physician for Brock University for over 15 years, Dr. McAuley has a special interest in sports medicine in particular orthotics and concussions.


Dr. Muhanad Al-Husari


“Prevention is better than cure”

As a University of Toronto trained family doctor, Dr. Al-Husari has impressive emergency room experience and brings a fresh “prevention” focus to the Walk in Clinic. With a focus on Ear/Nose/Throat issues as well as back pain and dizziness, Dr. Al-Husari works to help his patients understand their illness and the importance of making plans to work toward healing and maintaining good health.

Dr. Grant Seifred


Fast, efficient and friendly

At the Waterdown Walk In Clinic patients are seen within minutes, not hours and that fits perfectly with Dr. Seifred’s philosophy of being fast, efficient and friendly. With 30 years of continuous emergency room experience (including being Chief of Emergency at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Hamilton) Dr. Seifred is proud to be part of the a team of such exceptional doctors.